About Us

Cassa BioTec is a biotechnology company that harnesses nature’s own processes, such as active enzymes and beneficial bacteria, and creates commercial solutions in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, sanitation, processing, agriculture, and the environmental sectors.With our focus on discovery and development of innovative biological solutions, we specialise in Australian Marine active enzymes and beneficial bacteria. Through our inhouse methods of re-engineering selected enzymes and bacteria, we have developed formulas for sanitation, processing, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic imputes including the segregation of EPA, DHA and Omega-3.

COVID-19.As a direct response to the COVID-19 Pandemic World Health Crisis our research team have now developed our Anti-Microbial range using a proprietary enzyme formulation. Our 777 Formula Enzymatic Sanitizer has been scientifically proven to kill Coronavirus on contact as well as protecting surfaces with a lasting anti-microbial nano coating that has been extracted from marine organisms.

We offer full development and regulatory packages, from providing small scale development samples to pilot plant trials supporting validation and stability programs, right through to commercialization. Cassa BioTec provides superior technical and regulatory expertise in addition to rigorous production standards which ensures our products and services are of the highest quality and purity and world-leaders in the marketplace.

Cassa BioTec’s products are manufactured to Australian Export and EU standards using proprietary purification and concentration technologies, providing our partners with quality assurance at every step in the supply chain. Facilitated by over 30 years of enzymatic biotechnology experience and manufacturing knowledge, our processes ensure consistent levels of purity and potency and 100% quality guarantee. Using our innovative scientific approach combined with our manufacturing expertise we are able to formulate and develop new products and alternative environmentally sustainable routes to improved existing products in the marketplace.


CASSA Sanitation Facility

As a direct response to the COVID-19 Pandemic World Health Crisis Cassa Bio Techas built an adjacent facility in Williamstown North, Victoria, Australia. This GMP state of the art sanitation production facility has been customisedin accordance with global standards and specifically designed for the manufacturing and formulation of our Anti-Microbial Sanitizing Solutions. The production facility utilizessuperior materials engineered from 316 food and pharmaceutical grade stainless steel components which have been installed in alignment with our compliance, hygiene and maintenance policies to generate our high-quality output,our 777 Enzymatic Sanitizing Solution (that has been scientifically proven to kill Coronavirus) and our 888 Advanced Hand sanitiser that meets the current TGA Australian Standards of 80% Denatured Alcohol.

CASSA Bio-Technology Facility

Our production facility in Williamstown North, Victoria, Australia is a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) climate-controlled facility that has been constructed with access air locks. Our sophisticated processing plant and machinery has been selectively sourced from the USA and Germany by our internal design engineers and has been custom modified to be utilised in our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes utilising leading edge technology.We have custom built our plant using only the best high-grade materials engineered from 316 food and pharmaceutical grade stainless steel components which gives extra confidence in terms of hygiene to the products we manufacture. In addition, our products are protected from Environmental Oxidation with Nitrogen throughout production with blanketing of our storage tanks as this practice ensures our product quality is preserved. Our plant is fully automated with the latest Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) controls by our fully trained staff which requires minimal human intervention thus ensuring consistent process control and high product quality.

Our facility has been inspected and approved by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service Regulatory Authority (AQIS) for the manufacturing of Fish oils for human consumption Registration No. 2892 and Prime Safe as a category (A) Seafood Safety Licence holder for the manufacturing of Fish oils for human consumption (Licence No.W00357) to the required Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

Our products are produced and marketed under our brand Australian Super Omega Marine Oil

  • Australian Therapeutic Goods ARTG Entry: Aust. L number 303038
  • Australian Therapeutic Goods ARTG Entry: Aust. L number 303037 Calamari Oil 1000mg capsule.

Our Australian Super Omega Marine Oil is our unique, trademarked, high-grade Marine Oil and is the first Calamari Oil produced in the Southern Hemisphere. Our products are Licensed by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Authority (TGA) for both Bulk and Capsules.

We have the operational capability to manufacture high potency grades (>90% Omega 3) in the form of Triglycerides (TG), Ethyl esters (EE) or Free Fatty Acids (FFA) with tailored EPA and DHA levels to meet the individual needs of our partners.


Cassa Sales & Marketing Division

Cassa Bio Tec has expanded its global sales and marketing network through the partnership formation of CASSA Global Trading. This dedicated Sales and marketing team serves both a domestic and international client base across a range of CASSA products from both our Sanitation and Bio Technology divisions.

Cassa Global Trading strives to grow the presence of CASSA products throughout an international marketplace and expanding our sales opportunities and relationships internationally. With its dedicated team of experienced sales and marketing professionals Cassa Global Trading works internationally with Wholesalers, Distributors, Governments and Large multinationals to deliver sanitation and biotechnology solutions globally. Domestically Cassa Global Trading supports local Australian business through both its ecommerce platforms and on the ground dedicated sales team.

With its international networks in the Middle East, Asia, Australasia, Latin America, USA and Europe and offices in Australia, Singapore and Dubai, Cassa Global Trading can fully respond to our customer’s requirements with specialised knowledge in international standards and through its extensive partnerships in freight and logistics.

Cassa Global Trading’s mission to deliver world first, high-value, Australian Made & Owned CASSA products at internationally competitive prices to our customers both domestically and internationally and to respond to growing global demands in the Sanitation and Health Sectors during the COVID pandemic and beyond.


At Cassa BioTec our Research and Development is centered around examining and harnessing natural resources to provide solutions and products that promote wellbeing, health, and safety in our society. With our specialty in developing micro-biological solutions and our advanced research in marine organisms, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria we have created innovative products and processing in the health and sanitation sectors.

At Cassa BioTec we are inspired by possibilities and embrace the potential of what nature’s resources can offer. We are further propelled forward in our research by the possibilities that these resources offer solutions to the current health problems of humans and animals alike. We share an ever-growing global vision to increase the longevity and quality of life on this planet by utilising and maximising nature’s raw materials in a sustainable way with our waste to no-waste processes.

As a result of our research Cassa Bio Tec have had the opportunity to develop our Anti-Microbial Sanitizing Solutions as a direct response to the COVID-19 Pandemic to support our community and country through the present World Health Crisis. Together our team have developed a range of sanitizing solutions by isolating the antibacterial marine organisms, enzyme and beneficial bacteria that target and kill on contact coronavirus in its wet state and when dry continues to protect treated surfaces.

Through our ongoing research we explore natures methodologies to seek out sustainable solutions within our present increasingly limited natural resources. Our advances and experience in processing technology and analytics gives us faster insights into exploring new pathway to better outcomes through our constant research and development programs and laboratory trials.Cassa BioTec is motivated and committed to providing solutions that enable companies to innovate with confidence, maximize opportunities, and, ultimately, drive health outcomes forward.


Quality is a vital factor in CassaBioTec. Management emphasizes the following principles:

  • To train and educate the company’s personnel in order to increase their skills and knowledge.
  • To manufacture quality products that meet the requirements and expectations of customers.
  • To undertake research and product development in order to meet customer needs.
  • To ensure that the company yields reasonable profit allowing for development and progress.

To implement this, management has established a certified quality system conforming to all food safety standards. Furthermore, CassaBioTec has extended the scope of the above standard by incorporating special requirements for sanitary measures, work surroundings and premises. These factors are subject to the regulations of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice and Quality Assurance), a prerequisite for obtaining authorization for export production and packaging.


CASSA AgriTec has been developed as a division of CASSA BioTec dedicated to the formulation and development of quality organic fertilizers that provide sustainable biological eco-friendly solutions for the Agricultural and Horticultural industries.

Our WHS (Wild Harvested Seaweed) and WHA (Wild Harvested Abalone)Fertilizers are formulated to promote high yields and premium quality produce.At CASSA we are committed to using sustainable safe and eco-friendly processes and inputs. We are proudly 100% Australian made and owned and are dedicated to supporting the Australian Agricultural and Horticultural industries through Australian products.

We currently offer a full range of fertilizers including soil boosters, enhancers and improvers. Our custom formulated range of wild harvested marine based products include inputs such as nitrogen, carbon and active probiotics to protect plants, enhance growth and improve soil including water and nutrient retention. At CASSA we utilise our innovative in-house developed biodegradable enzymes in our processing of our marine raw materials. Conventional harsh and crude extraction methods traditionally used such as chemicals and excessive heat or pressure can denature to the quality of nutrients and nitrogen availability and can also diminish the absorption rates of the soil. Our state-of-the-art enzymebased technology allows us to maximise the active nutritional content and absorption rates in our marine liquid ensuring our products deliver premium results for our customers.

Healthier Soils = Stronger Faster Growing Plants = Higher Yields

+ Nutrients are completely soluble and plant available
+ Increase in moisture retention and soil aeration
+ Accelerated root growth and promotes strong cell growth
+ Improve the appearance of fruit of colour vegetables flowers and foliage
+ Revitalises the soil by providing natural nutrients vitamins proteins and amino acids
+ All natural non-toxic and safe for use on all plants
+ Wild Harvested local eco-friendly inputs
+ Proudly Australian Made & Owned

CASSA AgriTec Easy Flow

Our liquid fertilizer range are all free-flowing organic liquid. They are easy to decant into mixing and irrigation tanks and are guaranteed to pass easily through all forms of spray equipment, which means no more spray nozzle blockages and wasted downtime. Our liquid fertilizers require very minimal stirring or agitation as a direct result of our production method. The improved efficiency of our easy flow fertilizers means our products are rapidly absorbed and deliver the nutrients evenly. This makes our WHA and WHS Fertilizers readily adaptable to a variety of application methods including foliar spraying and fertigation equipment.

CASSA Custom Formulation Fertilizers

We work closely with our customers to develop tailored solutions and customised formulations for specific crops and soil types that support increased productivity, maximise growth rates, soil quality and profit. Every farm has an individual soil type and specific nutritional requirements. CASSA works closely with our customers and agronomists to create customised products to address the specific needs of each crop type and soil environment. Utilising the best Australian inputs developed locally at our facility in Williamstown North VIC, we have the unique ability to formulate tailor-made fertilizer solutions for our customers and test our products using international standard laboratories to ensure our formulations meet rigorous standards and offer a superior solution at a competitive price.


Paul Mulard (Managing Director)

“At Cassa Bio Tec we use biotechnology to harness nature’s own processes and create innovative commercial solutions and high quality, value-added products.”

Managing Director Paul Mulard’s 30+ years experience has been focusing on the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative biological solutions. He has combined his technical expertise to industry for solutions with tailor-made proprietary enzyme and biological formulas that can tackle many industrial problems in the field of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical product development, sanitation and environmentally sustainable manufacturing. Converting waste into valuable opportunities across the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, sanitation, agriculture and pet-food industries.

Paul’s philosophy is to harness nature’s own technologies to greatly increase the quantity and quality of expected yields, rapidly convert waste into high quality, value-added products that are fit for human and animal consumption and exposure by utilizing biodegradable enzymes in place of traditional chemical and mechanical extraction technologies, with minimal use of water and energy with solutions that are truly eco-friendly.

As the creator of CassaBioTec Pty Ltd, he has designed and built his vision of a fully operational export pharmaceutical marine oil processing facility with inhouse laboratories located in Melbourne, Australia. Further he has expanded the facilities and created a sanitization plant to support his community and to help address the COVID-19 Pandemic.

His passion for using biotechnology to create sustainable commercial solutions has resulted in reduced industry costs and increasing profit margins using the following scientific technology he has developed over the decades and continues to develop; Biological protein engineering, Enzymatic transformation, Sonication technology, Ph., temperature, magnetic separation, Nano ozone technology, Isolation of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), Isolation of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

He understands the science of what makes, shapes and grows nature. He combines his knowledge to grass roots simplicity with innovative thinking, so we can extract, shift and transform these processes into commercial production solutions and valuable high-grade commodities. He has Developed enzymatic formulations to conduct protein engineering to isolate protein and marine pharmaceutical oils. Developed a formulated blended liquid deodoriser to destroy odours immediately by changing their molecular structure. Designed and built environmentally sustainable enzymatic processes to minimise waste and maximise our resources and diverting re-cyclable imputes away from landfill.